Have a grumble

The Young Foundation has launched a research project to find out whether the UK lives up to it’s international reputation for politeness and civility. To do this we need to record stories from the front line – have you have just had a hellish journey on public transport, had to put up with a rude driver or been forced out of the way by another pedestrian? Alternatively, tell us about any acts of kindess that you may have encountered, however large or small.


About Phoebe Griffith

My work is as a writer and policy advisor. My interests are in the dynamics that make our increasingly complex, fast-paced, diverse cities work - from the emergence of new codes of civility in an age of invasive technology to the future of the developing world's mega-cities. I grew up in Lima (Peru) and am now bringing up a family in the heart of West London (UK).
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1 Response to Have a grumble

  1. Emily Burn says:

    I had a voice message today from a man who had found my diary at a bus stop near where I live. Until that point, I wasn’t even aware it was missing. I rang him back and he told me that he didn’t see any point in leaving it at the bus stop as I would never find it and it would get wet so he’d left it at the cafe in our local park so I could get it back nice and easily. Thank you Simon.

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